What Is It?

An easy to use, secure, private, sports video sharing platform for the sports industry that has been developed, and is supported in, Australia.

“The interface is great. We wanted something secure and easy for use by our Match Review Panel. Now they can access the videos on any device, quickly. This is much better than what we used to use.”

Predrag Radinovic, Football Federation Australia

Benefits of from Sensible Business Solutions:

  • Advert Free - No advertisements whatsoever - ever.
  • Fast - Instant playback – no buffering, no bandwidth spike issues, hosted in Australia.
  • Accessible - Share videos to anyone, anywhere in the world, on any device.
  • Secure - If you want to control who is watching or uploading your videos because, for example, you wish to share confidential information, is for you. It provides rigorous security, so you can share private content while being confident that you know who is watching. YOU control who can view or download or upload your videos.
  • Professional - Present a professional image to your video sharing colleagues.
  • Works on any Device - Automatic conversion for playback on any device. Each video uploaded to is automatically encoded with Flash/HTML5 versions at multiple resolutions that provide a high quality video resolution on any device tailored to your internet connection quality to allow the least amount of buffering possible.
  • Easy to Use - Very easy to use, simple interface. You can add metadata to your videos so your colleagues can easily find the videos you share with them.
  • Device Detection - will detect your connectivity and viewport to optimise the quality of the video for your viewers. That provides an excellent user experience for users who are on very fast connections or slow connections alike. It not only ensures that the video is streamed as quickly as possible, it also minimises your bandwidth usage.
  • Collaborative - allows you to limit your videos' audience and solicit comments in a private environment. These controls make it easy to collaborate on content. No more of YouTube’s spam comments, just thoughtful remarks from collaborators.
  • Branding Options Available - Contact us to discuss this in further detail.