30 Things We Do Better


We are so confident in our ability to deliver effective service, that we have offered a no questions asked, money-back guarantee on all of our Network Service Agreements for 29 years.

We are waiting imminent finalisation of our international ISO 27001 accreditation.

This means that we are very serious about YOUR data privacy and security.

Accreditation means we are regularly, independently audited to prove we have the processes and people to implement systems that are managed securely, designed to prevent breaches and ensure YOUR data is treated with respect.

Accreditation also means that we are continuously improving these systems.

Accreditation is measured against the International Security Standards. It insists that Internal data and data submitted/ acquired from customers and suppliers must be handled securely.

Our standard service agreement includes guaranteed protection for your confidential business data and any trade secrets.

Here’s something to consider: if THEY cause a problem with your network that causes you to be down for hours or days or to lose data, who’s responsible? Here’s another question to consider: if one of their technicians gets hurt at your office, who’s paying? In this litigious society we live in, you better make sure whomever you hire is adequately insured with both errors and omissions insurance AND workers compensation insurance – and don’t be shy about asking to see their latest insurance policies! Bottom line; make sure the company you are hiring has proper insurance to protect YOU. Sensible Business Solutions has $10 million of up to date Professional Indemnity Insurance at all times.

True Story: A few years ago Geek Squad was slapped with multimillion-dollar lawsuits from customers for bad behaviour by their technicians. In some cases, their techs where accessing, copying and distributing personal information they gained access to on customers’ PCs and laptops brought in for repairs. In other cases, they lost a client’s laptop (and subsequently all the data on it) and tried to cover it up. Bottom line: make sure the company you are hiring has proper insurance to protect YOU.

Customer Service:

We answer our phones “live” from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Also, all clients have automatic access to emergency after hours support if a problem arises, including weekends. Why? Because many of the Business Owners, CEOs and executives we support, work outside normal hours and find it to be the most productive time they have. If they cannot access their computer network AND can’t get hold of anyone to help them, it’s incredibly frustrating.

All of our customer support team are based in Australia. We understand your language and you understand ours.
We accurately track the time it takes to fix every incident request. Our measured, average RESOLUTION time in the past 12 months, is less than 20 minutes.
All of our clients have “live” access to our incident management system. This means we are fully transparent and accountable at any stage of our support.

Our technicians are trained to have the “heart of a teacher” and will take time to answer your questions and explain everything in simple terms. Just look at what Scott Clark from AMS Labs had to say:

“Our situation really brought home the importance of having a company like Sensible managing our IT network. Their knowledge, experience and care are second to none.”

All of our clients have a dedicated Chief Information Officer (a virtual IT Manager) who acts as your advocate and ensures that your business plans are understood and implemented the way you want.

We conduct regular review meetings with our clients to look for new ways to help improve their operations, lower costs, increase efficiencies and resolve any problems that may be arising. Our goal is help our clients be more profitable, efficient and competitive with these meetings.

We provide detailed invoices that show what work was done, why and when, so you never have to guess what you are paying for. We also double-check our invoices for accuracy before they are sent to you.
We run a business ourselves. We have the same issues and priorities that you have – we understand that Sensible, practical, cost-effective solutions must be found.

Most projects are fixed priced and guaranteed to be completed on time, in writing.

This is important because many unethical or incompetent computer guys will only quote “time and materials”, which gives them free reign to charge you for their inefficiencies or variations as well as take as much time as they want on completing a project.

Our range of services includes:

  • Recommendation, Supply and Installation of Network and PC hardware and software
  • Ongoing commitment to Network and PC Support and optimisation
  • Security Audits and Penetration Tests
  • Disaster Recovery Systems
  • Internet Domain Name Services
  • Antivirus and Anti-spam solutions
  • “Cloud” Integration
  • “Cloud” Solutions like virtual servers and desktops or Office365
  • Optimised Printer Management and Cost Reduction/Recovery systems and Consumables
  • Internet Connection Services
  • Mobile SmartPhones, iPhones, tablets, etc.
  • Voice and data plans for mobile and fixed lines
  • VOIP telephone systems
  • Software Development – we have a fulltime division on staff
  • Network Relocation Project Management
  • Data and Telephone cabling
  • ID Card Management Systems and consumables

This means that there is no “buck passing”. We can take responsibility and co-ordination for everything. It also means that you get full and continual understanding of your entire unique business and how everything must fit together properly.

It also means you only have 1 contact point to manage.

Maintenance of your Network:

Yes; we understand that your staff should be trained on best practices so as to avoid any network incidents. This is why we include staff training on internet and email security threats as part of our service.
Yes; our remote network monitoring system watches over your network to constantly look for developing problems, security issues and other problems so we can address them BEFORE they turn into bigger problems.
Every client gets a regular, detailed report that shows an overall health score of their network and the updates to their antivirus, security settings, patches and other important network checks (like hard-drive space, backups, speed and performance, etc.).

All clients have access to this in electronic form at no additional cost. We also perform continuous updates on this material and make sure certain key people from your organisation have this information and know how to use it, giving you complete control over your network.

Side Note: You should NEVER allow an IT person to have that much control over you and your company. If you get the sneaking suspicion that your current IT person is keeping this under their control as a means of job security, get rid of them (and we can help to make sure you don’t suffer ANY ill effects). This is downright unethical and dangerous to your organisation, so don’t tolerate it!

Yes, we have a policy of ensuring that at least 2 technicians know your site well. Also, because we implement the same exacting standards across all of our sites, all of our engineers know what to expect at any site before they get there. We also keep detailed and up to date network documentation (basically a blueprint of your computer network), and updates on every client’s account, so any of our technicians can pick up where another one has left off within minutes.
The Sensible Way means including a support plan that offers continuous implementation of world’s best technology practices. We develop a proactive plan for you to maximize the benefits of your technology and implement this as required. These scheduled, onsite visits are included at no extra cost.

Backup and Disaster Recovery:

We do not allow our clients to rely on tape backups alone because they are incredibly unreliable. We make sure all of our clients have a faster disk-based recovery and offer our Sensible Safeguard System which ensures zero data loss and total server recovery in minutes, We also insist all backups are always stored offsite.
We perform a monthly “fire drill” and perform a test restore from backup for all of our our clients to make sure their data CAN be recovered in the event of an emergency. After all, the WORST time to “test” a backup is when you desperately need it.
We do, and that’s simply as a precaution in case a hardware failure or software glitch causes a major problem.
All clients receive a simple disaster recovery plan for their data and network. We encourage them to do a full disaster recovery plan for their office, but at a minimum, their network will be covered should something happen.
All of our clients have access to the Sensible SafeGuard System which guarantees Zero Data Loss and recovery in minutes if your server fails. It means your business continues to run even in an emergency

Technical Expertise and Support:

We provide our own in-house help desk so we have all of your information on hand and make sure the people helping you are friendly and helpful. We consider this one of the most important aspects of customer service, plus we feel it’s important to keeping your data secure.
Our technicians are required to keep up to date on all the latest technologies. For example, Sensible Business Solutions is a Microsoft Silver Certified Partner. This means that we have technical staff who have been independently accredited by Microsoft in the software we support. Microsoft have also assessed us as being Microsoft Small Business Specialists (We understand the peculiar business needs of organisations with less than 100 staff). We are also accredited by best-of-breed industry partners like Hewlett Packard, Cisco, Juniper Systems, Telstra, Symantec, Trend Micro, VMware, etc. Plus, our hiring process is so stringent, 99% of the technicians who apply don’t make it through (guess who’s hiring them?).
Our technicians are true professionals that you would be proud to have in your office. They dress professionally and show up on time, and if they cannot (for some odd, unforeseen reason), we always notify the client immediately. We believe these are minimum requirements for delivering a professional service.
We own the problems with all lines of business applications for our clients. That doesn’t mean we can fix faulty software — but we WILL be the liaison between you and your vendor to resolve problems you are having and make sure these applications work smoothly for you.
We feel WE should own the problem for our clients so they don’t have to try and resolve any of these issues on their own — that’s just plain old good service and something many computer guys won’t do.

We also include SensibleBoostTM which is our internet system which guarantees to increase your download speeds and add extra reliability to your existing internet connections.