Tech Tips

Tech Tip: 12 Super Easy Maintenance Checks

12 super easy maintenance checks to help you avoid expensive computer repair bills, sluggish performance, lost data and identity theft.

Tech Tip: Data Mistakes Tech Tip: Data Mistakes

Most companies play "Russian Roulette" with their data backups without even knowing it. That is until it is too late.

Tech Tip: Employee Sabotage Tech Tip: Employee Sabotage

60% of network break-ins are as a result of disgruntled employees. One click and your critical data can be lost.

Tech Tip: Free Software Tech Tip: Free Software

Free software... A small business' dream. That is until you read this.

Tech Tip: Go Green Tech Tip: Go Green

Regardless of your position on Global Warming and Climate Change, everyone cares about the environment. Going Green can save your company thousands while improving employee satisfaction.

Tech Tip: Identity Thieves Tech Tip: Identity Thieves

3 things you are unknowingly doing wrong allowing identity thieves access to all your information.

Tech Tip: One Thing Hackers Hope Your Never Discover Tech Tip: One Thing Hackers Hope Your Never Discover

If you think you are protected from hackers due to your anti-virus and firewall, then you are sadly mistaken.

Tech Tip: Social Media Tech Tip: Social Media

Australian's are the highest users of social media. You will be shocked to see what it costs your business every month.

Tech Tip: Summer Time And Your Server Tech Tip: Summer Time And Your Server

There's no doubt that Australian summers are great for bikini's and surfing but while we're out playing, your business' server is at major risk from the heat.

Tech Tip: Tape Backups Tech Tip: Tape Backups

Your backup solution may not be as effective as when you first had it installed. Don't risk your companies data by assuming everything is alright.

Tech Tip: Wasted Time Tech Tip: Wasted Time

Hours of your time is wasted on this every year. Multiply this by your number of employees and you will be scared to see what it is costing your business.

Tech Tip: When Your IT Manager Quits Tech Tip: When Your IT Manager Quits

What would happen if your in-house IT manager quit? It's not a temporary inconvenience as you may think. Take a look at what you will be facing when it happens.

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