Cloud Computing

"The Cloud" is a term given to software, data access or storage services which are accessed over the internet and can be based anywhere in the world.

Sensible Business Solutions offers many Cloud services.

Cloud Consulting & Readiness Audits

Determine whether or not the Cloud is right for your business and whether your systems are ready. Perhaps a hybrid cloud environment is the right answer for you. We help you find out.

SensibleCloud (powered by OS33)

SensibleCloud hosts all of your organisation's programs, web applications and data in one easy-to-access virtual desktop that is accessible from any device and from anywhere. No more need for expensive hardware.

Office 365

We can supply and support service business owners transition their business across to Microsoft’s cloud environment. This includes consulting, provisioning, data migration, training and developing procedures for staff while providing continued technical support as needed.


SensibleSync is a software platform, designed for businesses in Australia that enables online file synchronisation, file sharing, and backup. With a focus on security, reliability, and integration, SensibleSync provides businesses with a solution to the universal access, sharing, and file-recovery problems that plague organisations today.