Network Security

Are You A Sitting Duck?

You, the CEO or owner of a small business, are under attack

Right now, extremely dangerous and well-funded cyber crime rings in China, Russia and the Ukraine are using sophisticated software systems to hack into thousands of small businesses like yours to steal credit cards, client information, and swindle money directly out of your bank account. Some are even being funded by their own government to attack Australian businesses!

In fact, Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC) reports that one in five small businesses have been victims of cybercrime in the last year – and that number is growing rapidly as more businesses utilise cloud computing, mobile devices and store more information online.

Quite simply, most small businesses are low-hanging fruit to hackers due to their lack of adequate security systems.

Sensible Business Solutions is an IT support company that works day and night to protect our clients from these attacks – and we see, on a regular basis, hardworking Australian entrepreneurs like you being financially devastated by these lawless scumbags.

We are determined to WARN as many businesses as possible of the VERY REAL threats facing organisations so they have a chance to protect themselves and everything they've worked so hard to achieve.

A Free Offer With Critical Information You Need

Because we want to do our part in stopping cyber crime, we’ve put together a brand-new free executive report titled What Every Small Business Owner Must Know About Protecting And Preserving Their Company’s Critical Data And Computer System.

This report is brief, concise and contains simple steps you can easily implement – many at no cost – to protect your organisation.

You can instantly download this report for free or you can call our office at 1300-SENSIBLE (736-742).

Our exclusive 2015 Cyber Security Training Webinar is also available for viewing at your leisure.


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The free report reveals:

  1. The #1 threat to your organisation that most IT departments never even address. We can practically guarantee this is one critical security area that is being neglected in your organisation, at some level, right now.
  2. Why antivirus and firewalls only provide base-level protection, and how cybercriminals easily sneak around the toughest barricades.
  3. How to foil hackers from using ransomware to hold your company hostage and extort money at will. (You DO remember the CryptoLocker malware that forced an untold number of businesses to pay several hundreds to several THOUSANDS of dollars to unlock their files, or kiss them goodbye forever?)
  4. 5 specific security measures you want to put in place IF you are using cloud computing or mobile devices to access your company network.

Don't think you’re in danger because you’re “small” and not a big target like a Target or a Sony? Think again. 84,000 NEW malware threats are being released every single day and HALF of the cyber attacks occurring are aimed at small businesses; you just don’t hear about it because it’s kept quiet for fear of attracting bad PR, lawsuits, data-breach fines and out of sheer embarrassment.