How To Dramatically Reduce Costs and Improve Customer Service of Your Photo ID Service

Join advanced clients like the University of Sydney in recognising the power and flexibility of using the Sensible SecurePhoto system.

Benefits of Sensible Business Solutions’s SecurePhoto system:

  • Fast implementation
  • Dramatically reduce staff costs
  • Eliminate hardware Capex costs
  • Eliminate ongoing hardware maintenance / refresh costs
  • Eliminate costly hiring of equipment in peak periods

How does it work?

  1. Students, visitors, employees or customers submit their own photos using any web browser to your dedicated SecurePhoto website
    1. They can upload existing .jpg photos
    2. They can use their own webcam “live”
    3. They can crop, rotate, zoom, resize, verify their own photo online
  2. Your authorised staff approve or reject uploaded photos on another customised, separate secure web portal according to your standards
  3. Automatic notifications are sent to the relevant people
  4. Automatic transfer of photos to your nominated systems
  5. is a cloud-based Software As A Service (SAAS) system hosted on our own dedicated equipment in a high level, secure data centre.

Who is Sensible Business Solutions?

Sensible Business Solutions has been in the Photo ID business since 1995. Over the years we have worked closely with educational institutions, clubs and corporations such as TAFE NSW, Australian Catholic University, University of Sydney, Aussie Home Loans, Redlea Chickens, Department of Defence, NSW Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority, Bathurst Hospital, Lidcombe Catholic Club, ID Warehouse.

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